Tiger Prawn Tempura Soba


~ a soup noodle dish with prawn tempura

The biggest prawn tempura you will have ever seen. Beautifully pert prawns with a light crispy tempura batter to have with soba (buckwheat) noodles in a warm soy dashi broth.

Love prawn bisque miso soup? Save the prawn heads for the next day, grill em’, and make a beautiful miso soup with our complimentary miso soup mix contained in this box!

Allergens: Crustaceans, Eggs, Gluten, Soya




  • 4 large tiger prawns
  • soba noodles
  • soba tsuyu (soy dashi broth)
  • chopped spring onion
  • shichimi (Japanese 7-spice)
  • tempura batter mix

PLEASE NOTE: we do not provide frying oil so please stock up on vegetable oil on purchase.